Award-Winning Media Technology company

RJ Global Media, Record Label RJ Productions International, is a one-stop Digital Media Production and Distribution for independent musicians, filmmakers, and production houses. We have managed and produced end-to-end Media Projects worldwide in a blended model, onsite and offshore, for best of the quality and cost benefits.

Our focus is to build a community and bring audio, video, film, documentary, and live performances worldwide collaborating with artists around the world. We have strategically partnered with media companies in the USA, Canada, India, and other countries. Our solutions are ideally suited to work collaboratively with the artists from the initial stage of creative process to production, distribution and promotion.

RJ International is an established Partner with Apple iTunes for distribution of music, video, eBooks. We have partnered with UNESCO, USFUCA, Human Rights, Disabilities, and other organizations working on social causes. We have worked with award-winning musicians, producers filmmakers around the world. The company has also started a foundation for Idea Incubation and Social Enterprises to bring ideas at the grassroots level to make a social and economic impact with those ideas. Our Research wing is working on a number of initiatives over the years in the area of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Music Therapy.