About us:

Our mission is to be the media community of choice for collaborative content creation and distribution. ANYONE CAN BE A STAR.The key objective is to promote Arts and Culture, and help deserving artists to achieve their goals. 

We provide an onshore and offshore blended model to produce high quality and world-class work at a significantly reduced cost. We promote and encourage new talents! Always! We provide online remote production services with security and privacy. 

The company is backed by International Award winning directors, songwriters, composers, producers, sound engineer, celebrities and many others. We are creating a platform locally for aspiring artists to collaborate with international media professionals. 

If you would like to be involved with us as Marketing Partners, Record Label, Musician, Distributor, Independent Artists or just Hobbyist, please contact us at Info at RJGlobalMedia.com

• Provide an International Standard Media Production House for Audio, Video, Animation, Film recording and post-production work 
• Preservation of media content digitally (audio, video, eBooks, etc.) 
• Undertake various research projects on media and culture 
• Publish media content worldwide 
• Organize talent search and promote new talents 
• Organize seminars, workshop, discussions in different cultural fields 
• Collaborate with other international organizations 
• Take initiatives and implement schemes, reach out to talented but financially challenged artistes by way of financial or other help 
• Scholarships for talented artistes 
• Provide education and training in media and technology related programs 
• Provide promotional services - Radio promotion, Media Publicity, Theatrical Release


• Film Production 
Full HD Video Production and post production for feature films, shorts, documentaries, commercials, corporate videos and live events. 

• Music Production 
Audio recording, Mixing, Mastering, Sound Design, Arrangement, Original Music Score, Music Direction 

• Graphics Design & Animation 
Motion Graphics, Effects Design, Animation, Artwork and Virtual Reality 

• Creative Media Technology 
Developing Technology Framework, Apps for Media Cloud, Data Analytics and Media Intelligence tools. 


RJI offices are currently in California, Rhode Island, Jorhat-Assam and Kolkata-West Bengal. maZumba Studio operates a world class studio production facility in India and satellite studios in the USA, built for the sole purpose of high quality and innovative media productions primarily for Independent Artists. 


RJI management team is comprised of seasoned professionals, celebrities with diverse leadership experience working at Silicon Valley, Hollywood, Bollywood media industries, and Worldwide media operations. Our experience ranges from motion picture songwriting, direction and production from start to finish, successful technology ventures to award winning songs and films. 

If you have questions, comments or would like more information about our services, please email us with your project details at info at RJGlobalMedia.com.